The World of Cheos

Long ago I created Cheos, a world for a Dungeons and Dragons game. It's a different take on the typical fantasy world. The mythical cratures are all half animal, half human. The monsters are all genetic nightmares. There is magic and science in this world. I decided to put it online here for help building it into a real, breathing, dynamic world. I got the idea from the World of Korio blog for my teacher's anthology class. Here's the deal. It is a shared world. Anybody can create within the guidelines I will post there. But I am the final arbiter of what is "real" on Cheos. Anybody can use the stuff from the world for thier games. I intend to write stories based on Cheos. If you post an idea on the blog, then you are accepting that it is OK for me to use it in a book. So if you are willing to help, let's create a world.

Here is the concept of the World of Cheos.

Millinea ago, there was a great war between wizard kings that destroyed the world. These wizards and thier minions created warriors by blending humans with animals. There were thousands of types of of these "blendings" but only a few have survived. The war devestated humanity, barely 20,000 true humans were left. Some of the blended races survived and eventually thrived. The rest could not sustain thier populations and died off. Thousands of years passed before the world healed itself from the destruction of the war. Now there are new civilizations and new wonders. All D&D realms have humans. In other D&D worlds humans are the most prolific of the races. That is not the case here. Since all the races are descended from humans they breed and die at the same rate (unless war, disease and famine take thier toll). The other races are all specific human-animal hybrids. There are Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, Ogres, Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, Gnomes, Merfolk and Pixies. I am open to other races, but these are what I started with.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Three More Sketches

This is my Centaur cavalryman. It took me forever to get the galloping posture right.

This is a Satyr archer. Lightly armed but very fast and lethal with a bow.
I am happy with the posture. Now I need to more clearly define the darker shadings. I need to get some darker pens.

Brandy says he is not scary. Even though he has horns and tusks, he is not scary. OK. Next pic will have him gnawing on a human leg.

Next series of sketches I will do are going to be structures. Castles, cabins, huts and the like.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sketches for my stories

Demon Dragon Serpent

Hideously deformed man
War Golem
Arigos the Archimage, a 7,000 year old sorcerer

Amitar Fortress. An ancient fortress perched on an island in the middle of very large waterfalls fed by a glacial lake. Kind of like Niagara Falls, but with higher falls and more water.The Hideously Deformed Man revealed. He is willingly possessed by scores of demons. He is evil incarnate.

Zaranos - A Demon Lord who has been planning the take over of Cheos for thousands of years. He is supremely powerful in dark magics but is almost helpless physically.
Malacos- Evil sorcerer. He summoned Zaranos but was instead possessed and subborned by the evil Demon Lord. Zaranos now exists as a soul stealing Vampyir.
Abboleth - Demon Hands. Severed hands that are now the home of minor demons. The hands are in various states of decomposition. The hands move super fast and when attacking attach the feeder tentacles into their victims. Removing the demons cause severe damage.
Brandis the Brownie. Though only a foot tall Brownie warrior, Brandis is still a lethal fighter
Moliketh - Demon Lord. Lord of the Shadows, Master of Fear and Bringer of Nightmares. Moliketh is a shadow given form and is virtually untouchable.
River Nymph
Blade Beast - Mutated monster with razor sharp scales and spines. The spines on its arms are projectile weapons.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gods of Cheos

Ansazi: God of Mischief
Ansazi is a capricious God. He is the embodiment of chaos. His symbol is an open flame. His priests are often not welcome and are typically shunned. Despite this there are simple shrines to him almost everywhere. The shrines are small, simple affairs. The offering is set inside a small stone basin and set afire.
Ansazi is typically maligned as an evil Deity, but that is not the case. He is the instrument of change in Cheos, his existence is important as without change, the world stagnates.

Ulforn, God of Death
Ulforn is a grim god and is the shepherd of dead souls. He sorts the evil from the good and is neither good nor evil. He is the ultimate judge of the Gods. As such he is often seen as the God of Justice, also. His symbol is a black balance scale on a field of silver. His priests preside over all funerals.
People fear death and being judged by Ulforn, so the tradition of burying someone with treasure to bribe their way into a better afterlife is common.

Dianala, Goddess of Life
Dianala is the Goddess of all living things. She is also seen as the Goddess of Women. Her priestesses are often used as midwives. Her powers are strongest in the morning and spring. Her symbols is a tree.
Her priestesses are welcome everywhere. She is typically seen as a good Deity.

Kiosora, Goddess of Wisdom
Kiosora is the Goddess of Wisdom. She is typically depicted as an old crone. Her symbol is an eye in and upside down triange.

Manhatou, God of War and Warriors
Manhatou is one of the strongest Gods. His symbol is a sword over a shield. He is not a kind God and is typically viewed as Evil. He is not Evil, though, as some of the aspects of the warrior are good.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Slayers are a class of fighter that are the consummate hunter of monsters. They are fierce and driven. Slayers are celibate and do not partake of alcohol. The Slayers Guild trains warriors from the age of twelve. They specialize in blending magic with swordcraft. Slayers cannot cast spells from memory, but rather have spells tattooed on their skin like scrolls. Once the spell is cast, it must be re-done. Slayers have an extra ability to focus their life force (hitpoints) into extra damage on critical hits of 19 or 20. When this happens, the weapon glows a pale blue color. For every HP expended the Slayer does an additional 2 points of damage. This damage has no save. These HP are temporarily lost for 24 hours. Additional damage done to the character that gets them to 0 HP will not automatically kill the character. For example: Rogin the Slayer has 65 HP. He spends 30 additional HP to do another 60 HP of damage on a critical hit. That brings him down to and effective 35 HP. To actually die in a combat round, he still has to take 65 HP of damage. If in the course of a battle he takes 35 points of damage, he does not die, but loses consciousness. If a PC chooses to spend the time, he can be dealt another 30 points of damage (which the Slayer cannot defend against, so it is an automatic hit, unless it is a fumble). Healing spells cannot give the HP temporarily lost back. A full 24 hours must be taken.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Magic on Cheos

There are different types of magic users on Cheos: Mages, Wizards, Sorcerers and Warlocks. They differ in how they manipulate the magical energy in the world. Magic is present in everything in the universe. It is the energy of life. Every living thing is linked to the magical energies to a greater or lesser extent. Non-living objects have magical energies too, but the magic inherent to non-living matter is different than living matter.

Mages are the most common of magic users. Mages access magic through rigid discipline and mental training. Mages have spell books and must have spell components to access magical forces. Mages are celibate and must meditate frequently to tune into the magical energies of the cosmos. It takes a long time to become a Master of Magic, or Mage. There are many schools of magic around the world. Mages tend to be dour and humorless. Most mages are self absorbed and power hungry.

Wizards have the ability to unlock the magical energies within thier own bodies. They must be careful when using this power as using too much can kill them. Wizards also must meditate to be in tune with the magical energies, not of the cosmos, but of themselves. Wizards often use inanimate objects to store magical energies. Only the purest of elements can be used. Crytals and precious metals are most often used, but even plain metals can be used. Magical items are made by wizards.

Sorcery is a vile practice of stealing the magical energies from other living things. It is the easiest way to power, but the most unacceptable. Sorcerers are commonly hunted down and destroyed. Sorcerers can use any living thing, but the magical energies stolen from sentient beings is most potent. The younger the being the more power they can steal. The more afraid, the easier it is to get that power. Most sorcerers are either evil or sociopathic.

Warlocks are the rarest of magic users. Warlocks can access the raw living magic of the universe. They can do almost anything, but accessing too much power can burn the ability out of them. The older a warlock gets the more powerful they become. Warlocks tend to become shephards of cities or races. They feel the most afinity to the world and tend to become guardians.

It is rare for a person to be able to use more than one school of magic, but it is possible.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Dwarves of Cheos

The Dwarves of Cheos are the only race that was not changed by magic. They were genetically modified through science as a direct weapon against magic users. They are magical nulls in nature. As such, Dwarves cannot be mages, but they can be clerics. God granted magic is different from worldly magic. They are immune to direct effect magics like charms. Indirect affect magics or projectile magics still can affect them.

They are not blends of human and one animal, but have traits of many animals. The genetic bonding process and natural evolution have led to their small, densely muscled stature. They have muscles that are twice as dense as a normal human. They have a thick coating of very course hair. They have pronounced facial hair with several long whiskers like cats. They have incredible eyesight. They can see very far away with absolute clarity like a bird of prey and they can see in the darkest of night. It takes very little light for them to see, but there must be some light. They have keen senses of smell and can track like a dog.

PC Dwarves get a +1 to strength and constitution. They take a -1 to dexterity and charisma. They get a bonus +2 bonus on all save throws against indirect magic. Even if they do not save, they get a 30% damage reduction.

Dwarves are scientists. They are dedicated to learning chemistry, metallurgy, mechanics, engineering and physics, but not so much about the natural sciences like biology and botany.

Dwarves are keen builders. They have intimate knowledge of structural engineering and metallurgy. Their stonework is beyond compare. They are often hired as designers and workers on other races structures.

Dwarven arms and armor fetch a high price. Dwarven blacksmiths are the best in the world. Dwarven armor is treated in the game like magical armor. Dwarven made weapons are not magical, but can have bonuses to hit and damage as if they were.

A few quick notes about Dwarves:

  • Dwarves get a -10% penalty on move silently.
  • Dwarves consider magic an anathema.
  • Dwarves are patriarchal and have kings.
  • Dwarves are boisterous among themselves and good friends, but
    dour among others.

  • Dwarven brews are potent and valuable.
  • Dwarven gold and silversmiths are treated like royalty.
  • Dwarves get a +3 save vs poison.
  • Dwarves are intellectuals.
  • Dwarves love to eat and are excellent cooks. Many kings have
    Dwarven chefs.

  • Wrestling, axe throwing and the hammer toss are the Dwarven

  • Dwarves love games of strategy like chess.
  • Dwarves do not give their trust easily, but are the most
    steadfast of allies.

  • Dwarves are allied with Ogres.

This is the dwarven long axe, the preferred weapon of the Dwarven Hunter

There is a class of fighter called a Dwarven Hunter. The Dwarven Hunters are trained to hunt down and kill magic users. They are used to control rogue mages that are threatening the realms. They get +1 to hit with melee weapons and +2 to hit with ranged weapons against mages. Dwarven Hunters hunt in packs of six or more.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kobolds of Cheos

The Kobolds of Cheos are part man, part wolf. They are the first race of blended men to achieve full sentience and form a society. They are wise and intelligent. They get a +2 to intelligence and +1 to wisdom. They do not get any negatives to other statistics, but they get a -20% to EXP. They value learning and wisdom over military prowess. Their mages are the most powerful in the lands.

Kobolds are often sought out as advisors to royalty. Kobold universities are the best in the lands. Kobolds are often teachers and mentors. They are well paid for their expertise. Kobold engineers are the best. Kobolds were the first race (including humans) to rediscover math. Kobolds have a keen interest in archeology and relics, they often fund adventurers to find and retrieve such items.
Kobolds tend to be magic users or clerics. NPC Kobolds are often administrators, advisors, teachers, lawyers or any other university trained profession.
Kobolds have the most complex system of laws and customs.

A few facts about Kobolds
  • Kobolds are unfailingly polite-to your face.
  • Kobold politics are non-violent, but intense and competitive.
  • They are intelligent and wise They are excellent in math and science
    They are astrologers.
  • If they insult you they are polite about it.
  • Kobolds have common script used by everyone and a scholar’s script only known to trained Kobolds. Foreigners are not allowed to read this script.
  • Kobolds are canny fighters and use deception in combat.
  • They have prickly senses of honor.
  • Kobolds hate Orcs.
  • Kobolds are violently opposed to slavery.
  • Kobolds mate for life and will not remarry after a mate's death.
  • Kobolfd society is very open and democratic

The Orcs of Cheos

  • The Orcs of Cheos are part man, part razorback hog. Males have huge tusks and females have little ones. Orcs vicious natured people and will kill at the slightest provocation. Orcs are the thugs of Cheos. They have little morality and very little regard for law. Their society is like the Mongol hordes that sacked Rome.
    Orcs get a -2 to intelligence and a -1 to wisdom and charisma. They get a bonus +2 to strength and +2 to constitution.
A few facts about Orcs.
  • Male Orcs are arrogant.
  • Orcs think of themselves as better than any other race.
  • Orcs are thugs and thieves by nature.
  • Orcs cannot be Rangers or Paladins.
  • Orcs are not that smart, they think they are, but they aren’t.
  • Orcs are greedy
  • Orcs love a fight, especially a one sided fight.
  • Orcs cannot do more than simple arithmetic.
  • Orcs eat their food raw.
  • Orcs hate Kobolds with a raw unaldurated passion!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Goblins of Cheos

The Goblins of Cheos are the lowest of the races of man. They are part man, part rat. This does not mean that they are dirty or filth ridden. They are the poorest of the races and have little skills. They are very like barbarians in other D&D worlds. The worship totems and are usually uneducated. They have a tendency toward rogue or ranger type characters. They are comfortable in cities or the wild. Several goblin cities are in swamps. Goblins get a +2 bonus to dexterity and a -1 to strength and intelligence.

Goblins are not so much evil as pathetic. They are stupid, superstitious and barbaric. Other than that they are OK. They are not evil or cruel by nature but will do evil or cruel deeds if ordered. And they have to be given very simple, explicit instructions. They are not capable of much complicated, original thought. They are about five feet tall and have a wiry musculature. They dress in badly cured leather skins and cast off armor. They do not have much of a society and must steal or find whatever worked metals they own. Having a steel weapon is a sign of great wealth and power to a goblin.

Here are a few quick facts about Goblins

  • They worship idols and the fierce aspects of nature.
  • They are small and wily fighters
  • They get a 10% bonus to move silently and hide in shadows.
  • They are not too worried about hygiene.
  • Goblins are superstitious.
  • Some goblins are wanderers like gypsies and are not trusted.
  • Goblins are sneaky, devious and underhanded.
  • Goblins are despised by trolls.
  • Goblins have quirky senses of humor.
  • Goblins are not skilled artistically.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Trolls of Cheos

Trolls are my favorite. They are huge, up to eight feet tall and weighing 350-400 lbs!! That’s a big old beastie!!!
They are part human, part rhinoceros. They have thick plates of armor and are the terror of the battlefield. They get a +1 to constitution and a +2 to strength.
Unfortunately they are slow and a little less intelligent. They get a -2 dexterity and -1 intelligence. They have a natural armor class of 7.

Here are a few facts about Trolls

· Trolls are the gentlest of the races of man.
· They are all very aware of their size and strength and go out of their way to be gentle.
· It is impossible to goad a troll to anger.
· They are the natural mediators in an altercation.
· They are frequently hired by towns and cities as guards and lawmen.
· Trolls are very meticulous about enforcing the law as it is written.
· There is no grey area with them.
· Trolls are consummate planners.
· They do not improvise, when they make a plan they stick to it.
· Trolls are commonly thought to be dour, humorless individuals, but that is far from the truth.
· Trolls are kind and thoughtful.
· They have a very close knit society, with large families.
· Trolls are very honorable and steadfast.
· No friend is a closer, more reliable friend than a troll. Unless you betray them, then they will hunt you down and destroy you.